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Debris from the Japanese tsunami is moving across the Pacific and could be heading for the shores of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. How can we clean it up before it gets there?

This past September, the Russian research vessel STS Pallada encountered the wrecks of small fishing vessels from the disaster while traveling from Honolulu back to Russia. One of the crew members wrote: “We also sighted a TV set, fridge and a couple of other home appliances. … We keep sighting every day things like wooden boards, plastic bottles, buoys from fishing nets (small and big ones), an object resembling wash basin, drums, boots, other wastes.”

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Name Butch Walker
First post September 2008

Butch Walker first gained attention in Cartersville, Georgia in the 80s as a guitarist and performer. He moved to LA in 1988, and less than a year later, his band was signed to Virgin Records. Today, Butch is best known as a musical renaissance man. He’s produced or written for Katy Perry, Weezer, Pink, and Avril Lavigne. His last album earned stellar reviews, with Rolling Stone calling him “one of America’s best singer-songwriters.” Next up, the August 30 release of The Spade, and the premiere of the first single, “Summer of 89,” on his Tumblr blog today.

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